I had a great time photographing Lachlan and Aiden at Blaxland Park last week. But I’m sure they had way more fun than I did.
After the shoot I started to go through the photos and many were, as you would expect, filled with the smiling faces of two kids who wanted nothing more at that moment in their lives than to be at that park. Then I got to this photo and it stopped me dead in my tracks.

Not a care in the world.

Here is Aiden on a swing, laughing like a mad man, and clearly having the time of his life. I immediately tried to recall the last time I was as ecstatic as he was.

I couldn’t.

I’m not talking about being happy, or laughing. Thankfully, those events can happen everyday. I’m talking about the extra special moments when you get this feeling that only lasts for a split second. Something fills your heart and shuts down your brain. Your heart sings and your brain blocks out everything that is worrying you in that instant. When it happens, it is like pure joy flowing through your veins. You feel like for a split second, your soul is at peace with the world. My theory is that within these moments are the answers to the meaning of life.

Yes, it is 4am, and I maybe delusional and this does sound very airy fairy, but it exists. I can recall how it feels. I know I have felt it before. I just can’t remember the last time it happened. So it would seem that in life, as in photography, a split second can make a world of difference.

Can you recall the last time you felt this way? Maybe two happy kids will help jog your memory. Check out more photos from this shoot in my Facebook gallery.